Bruno Dandó

Real name: Bruno, Eugenio
(29 July 1944 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e made his professional debut at age 18 in the Jorge Caldara’s orchestra. By that time he decided to study singing and he did it with Héctor De Rosas, Rubén Alvarado, Juan Marc and Antonio Carrión. As a young boy he frequented the tango milieu and was a friend of Julio Sosa’s and Edmundo Rivero’s. The latter was his singing sponsor.

He worked in Montevideo (Uruguay), appearing on some radio and TV stations. He was the winner of the talent contest La Nueva Voz de América, on CX16 Radio Carve. He also appeared alongside César Zagnoli, Pintín Castellanos, Tito Cabano, the Orquesta Puglia-Pedroza, among others.

He represented Uruguay at the Gran Certamen de Buenos Aires organized by Radio Belgrano and the Teatro Buenos Aires. He was awarded the first prize. In 1969 he appeared at the talent contest of Grandes valores del tango with the piece written by Chico Novarro, “Nuestro balance”. He was one of the ten singers chosen to record an LP entitled Tango Joven produced by Leo Lipesker for the BGM label.

He appeared at numerous programs of the Argentine TV: Grandes valores del tango, Sábados de la bondad (on channel 9); Sábados fantásticos and Show de la vida, on channel 7; Sábados de todos on channel 13; El gran baile, De hermano a hermano, Las locuras de Galán, Adelante juventud, Domingos para la juventud, on channel 11.

In 1980 he released the recording Amigos que yo quiero, accompanied with Buenos Aires Cinco, a group fronted by Mario Marmo. In 1982 he published the LP Bruno Dandó backed up by the Sexteto Mayor.

In Buenos Aires he appeared at the main tango venues: Casa de Carlos Gardel, El Viejo Almacén, Café Tortoni, Cambalache, Hotel Bauen, Bohemien (run by the singer Roberto Medina). He also performed in a great number of festivals in our country and in casinos and hotels of Brazil and Paraguay.

In 1998 he decided to settle in Greece where he continued his show business career and founded the company Tango Argentino Total. Since then he has made three live recordings and has carried out a busy schedule broadcasting our tango music.