Daniel Lomuto

Real name: Lomuto, Enrique Daniel
Bandoneonist, arranger, leader and composer
(14 February 1934 - 28 March 1994)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

e was son of the pianist Enrique Lomuto and nephew of the orchestra leader Francisco Lomuto. He belonged to a family which raised several musicians, beginning with his paternal grandfather, a violinist. His uncle Víctor Dionisio, a guitarist and member of the early orchestras that spread tango in Paris.

He was a disciple of Federico Scorticati. He was member of the orchestras led by Mario Demarco, Ricardo Malerba, Eduardo Rovira, Alfredo Gobbi and Florindo Sassone.

Between 1956 and 1958 he was leader and arranger of the Ángel Vargas Orchestra for his recordings at the Victor label and in his appearances on Radio Belgrano.

He also conducted and arranged the accompaniments for Elsa Rivas, Carmen Duval, Aldo Campoamor, Alberto Morán, Reynaldo Martín, Ruth Durante, Armando Moreno, Jorge Casal, Oscar Larroca and Eladia Blázquez. He traveled twice to Japan, in 1967 with "Los señores del tango" and in 1976, with the Leopoldo Federico Orchestra, in the double role of bandoneon player and arranger.

He composed: "Poema de abril", "Vuelve a mi lado" and "Madrecita india, with lyrics by Jorge Lomuto; "Tu canción", with lyrics by Ernesto Rondó, "Sentido" with Jorge Caldara; "Siempre el tango", with Reynaldo Martín, the latter as a homage to our radio program, among others.

He was born in Buenos Aires on February 14, 1934, and committed suicide on March 28, 1994.