young vocalist, with a noticeable vocal color and a great expressiveness. He is son of the singer Osvaldo Ramos, vocalist for ten years in the Juan D'Arienzo Orchestra. But his vocation was not simply born by sharing a family name.

In 2001, at age 19, he was consecrated by a board headed by Ben Molar in a talent contest for singers at the popular street corner Homero Manzi. Then he had his first contract as professional, appearing all Sunday evenings at the show Una cita con el tango. He was backed by different outfits led by well-known bandleaders: Osvaldo Rizzo (Pichuquito), Adolfo Gómez, Jorge Dragone, Osvaldo Cabrera, Mario Marmo, Carlos Juárez, Hugo Rivas and Julián Hermida and, later he appeared at tango lunches alongside the Florindo Sassone’s former vocalist, Rodolfo Lemos.

He shared the stage with first level singers and learned from them on each occasion: Alberto Podestá, Hugo Marcel, Oscar Ferrari, Tito Reyes, Elsa Rivas, Osvaldo Ribó, Nelly Vázquez, Juan Carlos Godoy, Abel Córdoba, among others.

He appeared at important venues: La Trastienda, Café Tortoni, Esquina Osvaldo Pugliese and Bar Tuñón. He also performed at the Carlos Gardel theater of Valentín Alsina and at the Teatro Argentino of Mercedes, both in the province of Buenos Aires. Sometimes he was featured alone, sometimes with his father.

In 2007 he made a tour of Chile, with shows in Santiago and Valparaíso. He appeared on Radio Nacional in several programs: La fonola, emceed by Marcelo Guaita; Te escucho tango, conducted by Edgardo Galli; Osvaldo Martín’s Una cita con el tango and La noche con amigos, emceed by Lionel Godoy. The Julián Hermida’s guitar ensemble is his backup group.

On television he appeared in the programs: Copetín de tango conducted by Hugo Marcel on Channel 26 and in Todos por el tango on Plus Satelital emceed by Nolo Correa.

We thank Lorena De Simone for this information.