Ricardo García Blaya

f I had to define Horacio I would say that he is a tango guitarist like those of the old times. His respect for the essence of the genre and his technique remind us of the way of playing of the old masters.

He began to study guitar at age 12 with Emilio Solas. Four years later he was playing with his uncle, Héctor Arbelo. The latter was the one who recorded with Julio Sosa. Those were years of worthwhile learning that he recalls affectionately like the places and events alongside great stars such as: Floreal Ruiz and Rodolfo Lesica.

By that time, together with his brother Carlos, he was also tasting a parallel experience by playing, mainly, tango and a bit of folk music at different venues.

In 1973 he was acquainted with the virtuoso guitarist Luis Salinas with whom he later collaborated in the recording of the volumes 1 and 2 of the compact disc Música Argentina. This release was awarded the Premio Gardel as the Best Folk Music Album.

He also had the chance to record with Enrique Espinosa. Later he did it alongside another great artist: Juanjo Domínguez and the folk singer Chango Nieto. Furthermore, with them he appeared in the Edmundo Rivero’s last program for the Argentine television in 1982. They played three numbers with a guitar quintet: the tangos “Por ella”, “En un feca” and the milonga “El último viaje”. On that occasion he played a guitarrón (a guitar tuned lower than the regular one).

In 1984 with his brother and the guitarist Domingo Láinez he accompanied Hugo Del Carril. That same year he shared the stage with the Cuarteto Colángelo (Néstor Marconi, Julio Pane, Fernando Romano and José Colángelo) and was member of the Cuarteto UB Tango, of the Universidad de Belgrano, along with Orlando Gómez, Lucho Repetto and Tito Farías.

Since 1998 he is member of the Adriana Varela’s backup group with which he has made tours of the American continent and Europe.

With the popular female singer he recorded Tango en vivo and a DVD of the recording session. He also contributed for Adriana’s latest recording, Encaje.

He was sideman in the recordings of many artists: with the Nicolás Ledesma Quartet, along with Horacio Romo and Quique Guerra showcasing the special appearance of Leopoldo Federico as guest artist; with Juan Vattuone; with the Fuertes-Varnerín vocal duo; with Ángel Cárdenas; with Néstor Soler; with Beto Solas; with Gustavo Shujman; with Celeste Carballo; with Tati Penna; with the group led by the saxophonist Miguel de Caro; with Oscar Mangione.

Between January and February 2005 he cut the first disc with his trio, called Tango explícito, for the Mutis label. In this recording he, together with his brother Carlos Avilano and Mariano Olivera, evidences the love he has for our beloved city music.

This young maestro, an example of humility, remembers with love and thanks those who accompanied him in his career. And so chatting with him the names of the following artists spring up: Roberto Pansera, Nelly Vázquez, Argentino Ledesma, Eduardo Cortti, Carlos Galván, María Graña, Marilí Machado, Josefina Lichiardi, Cuarteto Fierro, Bernardo Baraj, Marcelo Macri, Walter Castro, Orquesta del Tango de Lomas de Zamora.