Hernán Cucuza Castiello

Real name: Castiello, Hernán
Singer, lyricist and composer
(27 February 1969 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e was born in Villa Ortúzar neighborhood in Buenos Aires city. He began to sing tangos when he was a kid. At age 6 he frequented the tango circle Luna de Buenos Aires where he appeared and was billed alongside great figures, among them, Roberto Goyeneche and Rubén Juárez who influenced his style of interpretation.

In 1986 he appeared on the stage of Michelangelo, accompanied by Cacho Tirao on guitar and also appeared on radio and television. Since July 2003 he forms the Dúo Maaaría!! with the guitarist Gabriel Genlote. With the duo he appeared at the Café Homero (July 2004) and at shows organized by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación.

He was also member of the cast in the show Proa al tango on the Fragata Sarmiento, accompanied and conducted by the pianist Nicolás Ledesma (present member of the Leopoldo Federico’s orchestra). He appeared at the Torcuato Tasso in the performances of great artists such as Rubén Juárez, Juanjo Domínguez, Leopoldo Federico, María Graña and Raúl Garello.

He was featured in the homage to Carlos Gardel in the 70th anniversary of his death at the Teatro Maipo, alongside Patricia Barone, the Cardenal Domínguez, Carlos Varela and Sandra Luna. He was as well at the Tribute to Roberto Grela along with Noelia Moncada and Lucrecia Merico.

Furthermore he appeared at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, El Museo del Tango, the Café Homero and at the Bar Tuñón, as guest artist.

He appeared at the Ciclo voces de tango 05 at the Café Monserrat (September 2005), where on one occasion he appeared alongside the female singer Lucrecia Merico and the Reinaudo-Argañaraz guitar duet with whom he formed the Tango sin grupo company. In November that year he was awarded the Mención de Honor at the Andá a cantarle a Gardel, a talent contest for singers organized by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

His piece “Tibieza” was awarded the first prize of the contest Hugo del Carril 2005, organized by the Dirección de Música, the Secretaría de Cultura and SADAIC and was included in the Juan Vattuone’s show Ciudad oculta as part of the IX Festival de Tango (March 2007).