Mario Luna

Real name: Di Filippo, Mario Roberto
(29 January 1935 - 15 August 2004)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e started in the 50s with the Víctor Galeano quartet. Later he switched to the Aminto Vidal quartet, with whom he recorded several numbers.

Later he joined the orchestra of Fulvio Salamanca with whom he recorded, in 1958, three pieces: “Dame mi libertad”, “Lo que fuiste” and “Milonga sentimental”, the latter in duo with Armando Guerrico.

He appeared as well with Miguel Caló and, for six years, he was vocalist of the Ricardo Pedevilla orchestra.

He joined also the orchestra led by the brothers Talián and the Ángel Domínguez orchestra. With the latter, he shared the stage with the singer Osvaldo Ribó.

On television he appeared on Channel 11, accompanied by Roberto Grela’s guitar, and on Channel 13, at the program Feria color y alegría with the speaker Juan Alberto Mateyko.

Many were the radio stations on which he sang: El Pueblo, Splendid and Porteña, accompanied by the guitars led by Héctor Arbelo.

Mario Luna reaches the climax at every show, with a good imitation of many singers of the genre.