Ricardo Marín

Real name: Marín, Ricardo
(25 October 1972 - )
Place of birth:
Morón (Buenos Aires) Argentina

e was born in Morón (Buenos Aires province) and he started his activity in 1979 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. For 11 years he appeared in the television program Grandes Valores del Tango and made tours of America and Europe as a soloist.

He appeared in TV soap operas and in motion pictures (El juguete rabioso, a film based on the book by Roberto Arlt).

In 1998 he appeared in Madrid and Toledo as member of the company Los Creadores alongside the maestros Julián Plaza and Ariel Ramírez. The following year he cut his first record: Ricardo Marín - La voz joven del Tango (a young voice for tango).

In 2001 he joined the company TangoX2, headed by Miguel Ángel Zotto, appearing for 6 months in theaters on Corrientes Avenue and later touring Europe and Asia. He also was in the cast of Una Noche de Tango.

He continued in the Zotto’s company with the show Tangos de la Cruz del Sur, appearing for 3 months at the Teatro Metropolitan on Corrientes Avenue, and later made a three-month tour of Europe. On his comeback he appeared in the venues La Cumparsita and La Casa de Aníbal Troilo (2004).

For three years he was in the permanent staff of La Cumparsita, a venue of the San Telmo neighborhood, and in 2005 he was in the cast of Esquina Tango in the same neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Recently he made a tour of Greece with the company TangoX2, appearing at several amphitheaters of that country.

Nowadays he is an outstanding figure at the Complejo Astor Piazzolla of the Galería Güemes located on Florida Street.