Federico García Blaya

he is one of the most outstanding tango vocalists now. Possessing a style of her own, with a categorical voice, she knows how to contribute with the proper nuances to each interpretation. She devoted herself completely to tango in 1995, and since then she has been appearing uninterruptedly in live performances and contributing to the genre with a repertoire of new tangos and researching the scarcely known creations of the past.

She has released five albums and is preparing her sixth CD, which she is recording in 2017. She launched her first disc Tangos in 2001

In 2003, she presented her second compact disc Nada es casual with outstanding appearances at the La Trastienda and the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación.

Summoned by the Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, she appeared at different seasons of the Festival Buenos Aires Tango: in 2004 she sang along with Omar Mollo, in 2005 along with Roberto Caracol Paviotti and in 2006 she appeared as soloist singer with her quintet.

She was guest artist at the seasons Tango 04 and Tango 05, organized by the Centro Cultural General San Martín.

Invited by the singer Caracol Paviotti, she was included in his album Destino de canto (2004); she also was featured in the album to pay homage to Carlos Gardel Los 70 de Gardel alongside Juanjo Domínguez and his group (2005).

In 2006 she published her third CD Aquí y ahora tangos, a release which was nominated for the Premios Carlos Gardel.

In 2006 she was invited to sing with the Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina «Juan de Dios Filiberto», conducted by maestro Atilio Stampone, and appeared in Expotango 2006 within the framework of the XXIII Festival Nacional del Tango de La Falda.

She also made frequent appearances with her quintet at outstanding venues like the Café Homero, Almatango, Quintino, La Casona del Teatro, the Bar Tuñon and Gandhi, among others.

Porque quiero (2009) is her fourth album and later she released Desde el recuerdo te vuelvo a ver, homage to Aníbal Troilo (2012), in which the rendition of the tango “Fujiyama”, which was never previously recorded, stands out. She won the Gardel 2013 award as the best album by a female tango singer.

Her appearance at festivals in the country and abroad is frequent, we can mention: Festival Las Mujeres en el Tango, Tango en Flores with the Sextet led by José Colángelo, Primer Festival de Tango de Bahía Blanca «Carlos Di Sarli», Festival de Tango de La Boca, Festival de Valentín Alsina (all in 2011); Festival Cuyotango (Mendoza, Argentina, 2012); Festival Piazzolla Marplatense (2015); Primero and Segundo Festival de Tango Marechal (2015/2016); invited by the Sexteto Mayor at the Festival de Tango en el Tasso (2016). At the Festival Tango Buenos Aires of 2017, she appeared along with Karina Beorlegui and Bárbara Grabinski, accompanied by Alejandro Bordas at the Café de García.

Abroad she sang at the Festivals of Valparatango (Chile, 2012), Festival Internacional de Granada (Spain, 2011), Segundo Encuentro Montevideo Tango (Uruguay, 2011) and made a long tour of Belgium and France in 2008.

In 2013 she released the CD Tangos para un siglo de cartón, with pieces by Marcelo Saraceni sung by different artists. In this album, Jacqueline sings the tango “Los tres silencios”.

She was as well included in other albums like: Milongas borgeanas (2014) a disc with songs by Fabricio Castañeda in which she sings “Milonga del destino”; Frutos rojos (2015), produced by Mónica Fazzini and Máximo Blostein, in which she sings “Un sueño” and Orillas (2016), by Fabricio Castañeda, in which she interprets the song with the same name.

She was requested to appear as member of the board in the category female and male singing at the Festivales Valparatango (2012), Cuyotango (2012), and at the contest «Hugo del Carril» (2010 and 2011).

She appeared along with Hugo Araujo at the Ciclo con poetas nuevos between 2011 and 2014. Later, in 2014, she staged the show Romance de barrio (Homage to Aníbal Troilo) alongside José Ogivieki.

On one of her many tours of the cities of our country, she was honored as outstanding personality of Gualeguay (Entre Ríos), in 2015.

For three years she was part of the radio program El hoy del tango, on the AM 840 Radio General Belgrano station.

She is also devoted to teach singing at her own institute in the neighborhood of Palermo and gives workshops on interpretation for singers.

She shared the bill with important artists like: Roberto Caracol Paviotti, Luis Filipelli, Noelia Moncada, José Colángelo, José Ogivieki, Cardenal Domínguez, Miguel De Caro, Néstor Basurto, Hernán Cucuza Castiello, Franco Luciani, Daniel Ruggiero, Sexteto Visceral, Hugo Araujo, Julián Hermida, José Teixidó and many more.