Birth date and birthplace: 3 March 1973, in Mar del PlataFull name: Alfredo Aníbal Rafael Piro.

is birth record is filed under the name of Alfredo Aníbal Rafael Piro, and each name has its reason: Alfredo after Alfredo Gobbi. Aníbal after Pichuco Troilo, and Rafael is because don Rafael Lucchetti was a personal friend of his parents.

He was born in the city of Mar del Plata, province of Buenos Aires. That year was the third season of the venue Magoya owned by his parents: the female singer Susana Rinaldi and the bandoneon player Osvaldo Piro. Besides the owners of the local, a great number of artists appeared at that venue.

During his teen years Alfredo put together different rock bands. Sagrado corazón was the last and the only one with which they recorded and played in the commercial circuit.

He came to tango in the late 1996 and made his debut singing at the Teatro Radio City of Mar del Plata. As from 1997 he appeared alongside Argentino Ledesma, Ángel Díaz, Roberto Rufino, Nelly Vázquez and Rubén Juárez, among others.

He had the privilege of singing backed by the orchestra led by Leopoldo Federico who especially invited him and made his craziest dream come true. He also appeared accompanied by the Orquesta del Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires conducted by maestro Raúl Garello, and with the Orquesta Nacional Juan de Dios Filiberto conducted by his father.

His first disc, Bien debute, was released in December 1998. The players were Aníbal Arias (guitar), Fernando Morelli (violin), Pablo Mainetti (bandoneon)and Juan Esteban Cuacci (piano and arranger). In this album he sang in duo with his mother “Ventarrón” and “Lloró como una mujer”.

On different occasions he worked and recorded with the accompaniment of Aníbal Arias, Bartolomé Palermo, Esteban Morgado and Walter Ríos. His second disc, Segundas intenciones, was published in the late 2004 and contains a material that best represents him up to the present. Even though it has a revival of the classic popular repertory, the record ends with “Llorando en el espejo” by Charly García.

He had a nomination for the Clarín Espectáculos 2005 awards as Revelation as Tango Artist. He very often appeared at the Buenos Aires venues and in Mendoza and Córdoba. He appeared at different tango festivals, sharing the stage in 1998 with Alberto Castillo and appeared at international festivals in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg, Scotland, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Finland, the United States, Chile and Uruguay. Now he has begun the recording of his third disc as soloist which will be released in 2007.

In 2007 he published his third album Oír de noche< i>. In 2010 he recorded an entire disc with works of an uruguayan artist Alfredo Zitarrosa in the album Guitarra negra.

In 2011, he returns to a tango repertoire on Una vuelta más. In 2014, presents the sixth album of his career—El tiempo de los necios— and the first with his own songs. Produced by Richard Coleman.