Dúo Pescante

Real name:
Piano and guitar duo
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Patricia Pankonin (piano)
Diego Suárez (guitar)

he duo was formed in the early 2002 in Buenos Aires. Comprised by young instrumentalists that combine their academic techniques with the popular training, in a personal point of view, they write their own arrangements with a repertoire that includes Aníbal Troilo, Julio De Caro, Horacio Salgán, Pedro Laurenz, Juan Carlos Cobián or Astor Piazzolla and also compositions of their own. The duo setting —piano and guitar— rescues the idea of the famous Salgán-De Lío duo.

They have made appearances and played recitals at the: Café Tortoni, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Centro Cultural Cátulo Castillo, Teatro Boedo, Café Homero, among others.

In 2005 they made their first European tour appearing at different milongas (dancehalls) and theaters of France, Germany and Italy.

During their stay in Paris the duo was awarded the 2005 “Aide Jeunes Talents” prize by the Paris Town hall which financed the recording of their first disc: “Derecho de piso”. They also were at a workshop with the bandoneonist Juan José Mosalini at the Edgar Varèse Conservatory.

Patricia Pankonin is a graduate of the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda, specialized in Piano Tango. Her teachers were Rodolfo Mederos, Aníbal Arias, Pablo Mainetti, among others. She polished herself in France studying composition, counterpoint and orchestration. She appeared as pianist in numerous shows and as accompanist of the singers Lina Avellaneda and Reynaldo Martín.

Diego Suárez is Superior Professor of Music specialized in Guitar at the Conservatory of Music of the city of Buenos and has a degree in Composition of the Superior Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla. He continued his studies in France and polished his knowledge of the genre with maestro Aníbal Arias. He was guitarist of the Cuarteto Buena Yunta, the Quinteto El Desbande and appeared in different shows, accompanying María Volonté and Lucrecia Merico, among others.