Alfredo Vera Arrata

18. Gardel

bout tango everything has been said. The most important peoples in the River Plate and America, have identified the vital values of this music that overflows time, feelings, passions, tenderness, love... life itself.

If all is said, what do we intend to do here?

Had it not been because I am listening to “Malena” on the radio, I should not dare to say something that probably someone had said before, in his place in the world, or at any moment of this existence: that while there is a human heart beating, tango will have a reason to survive.

And if in that tango Carlitos Gardel has something to do; what else can we ask for?

Alfredo Vera Arrata: He was born in Guayaquil, in 1935. He graduated at the Facultad de Arquitectura of the Universidad de Guayaquil, he was professor and Director of the Department of Academic Coordination and of the Institute of Research of that house of high studies. He published Historia de un triste banano; Investigación social en la Arquitectura and El Lleve de la Perimetral. He worked as journalist and as an active political leader was alternate deputy for the province of Guayas between 1986 and 1988. Presently he holds the office of minister of Education in Ecuador.