Juan Carlos Faidutti

08. Gardel lives

do not know its origins, I have scarcely read anything about its history, I have only listened to it and go on listening to it with pleasure and emotion, enough reason to say that tango is Argentina. Few musics have consubstantiated so much with the people who sing it as Argentina did with tango. Because tango is a lament, rebelliousness, love, passion, dreams, hopes, feelings and the gaucho people is all that.

In each lyric of a tango and at each time all that bulk of living experiences are portrayed and that is why that to know and understand Argentina is necessary to listen to tango.

But, so as tango is Argentina, I consider it impossible to divorce tango from Gardel. The researchers, when investigating Gardel's birthplace are wasting time. The Zorzal Criollo can only be porteño as the Río de la Plata is. He always sang to his Buenos Aires and made the whole world sing to it, now he stays in Chacarita singing again every day, each time doing it better, accompanied by the choir of voices of a people for whom he has never died. Like one more pilgrim who constantly returns to Buenos Aires to become saturated of its environment, of its culture, of its noisy nights. From the middle of the world I pay a homage to a homeland very dear to me through one of its most representative figures, a Gardel maker of a deep transformation because with his touching songs and his unique style he taught the world to love that country with infinite plains, chosen to some day occupy an important place in the concert of nations.

Journalist and jurisconsult, he was born in Guayaquil in 1933, at that University he followed high studies of jurisprudence and diplomacy. During his juridical activity he published Causas eximientes de la responsabilidad criminal en la Legislación Penal ecuatoriana, Política aerocomercial del Ecuador and Apoderamiento ilícito de aeronaves en vuelo. He was ambassador of Ecuador to the Organization of American States (OAS) and Canada. He is an outstanding political commentator in different organs of communication of his country and member of the Instituto Latinoamericano de Derecho Aeronáutico y Espacial.