Enrique Espina Rawson

Francisco and Carlos

n the last November 13th I delivered a portrait to Pope Francisco, a classic photo which shows a smiling Carlos Gardel, with the Radio del Tango logo, I mean La 2x4 FM 92,7.

Francisco received it with an illuminated face. We exchanged some humorous phrases and we ended up laughing. He firmly shook my hand, quite kindly thanked me and he asked me, as he usually does with all those who visit him, to pray for him.

Previously, to Monsignor Karcher, his private secretary, I had handed a bag that contained a book by Guadalupe Aballe about Gardel in his school days with the Salesians, a set of movies and discs sent by the Museo Casa Carlos Gardel of the city of Buenos Aires and, in the name of the Centro de Estudios Gardelianos, remastered recordings of Gardel in a selection made by our friend, the collector and tango broadcaster Arturo Yepez.

Gardel is also at the Vatican.