Jenö Pártos

Real name: Pártos, Jenö
Nicknames: Eugen Pártos
Composer and lyricist
(26 May 1895 - 1 September 1963)
Place of birth:
Budapest Hungary
Orlando del Greco

amous Hungarian composer. Player of piano, violin, viola and drum.

He became known as a composer around age twenty due to “A Bar Ele Baktat a Taxi”, and continued with pieces that brought him worldwide fame: “Sonja”, “Pester Madel”, “Wir Trinken Bruderschaft Beim Schampus”, “En Fermant Les Yeux”, “Az a Szep”, “Purzicsan”, “En Mindenkiben Csalodtam”, “Budapest te Csodas”, “Ne Legyen Szerelmes Kiszasszonyom”.

He translated to the language of his country well-known international songs and appeared in other European countries.

His popular “Sonia” (Szonyja) is in the Carlos Gardel’s repertoire in the Spanish version made by Carlos Cappenberg.

Pártos was born in Budapest (Hungary) on May 26, 1895 and there he died on September 1, 1963.