Nito Mores

Real name: Martínez, Alberto Mario
Singer and pianist
(11 August 1944 - 1 May 1984)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Horacio Ferrer

e was born in Buenos Aires in the neighborhood of Villa del Parque. He began his piano playing studies in 1952 with the daughter of maestro Athos Palma. Later he continued them with maestro Castronovo for six years. Thereafter he studied harmony and counterpoint with Juan Elhert. He said about the latter: «He taught me to love music».

In 1965 he furthered his training with Mariacha Trinchero who taught him sight reading and ear training and continued with her as his singing instructor until 1967.

Son of the composer and bandleader Mariano Mores, he himself told us: «My father didn’t like that I would become a singer; he either did not like that I would devote to popular music. But one day he began to be pleased with my liking; in 1966 he decided to include me in his orchestra to make tours throughout the country by the time Susy Leiva and Hugo Marcel sang with him».

His debut was at the Teatro Avenida of Mendoza by singing the tango “El ciruja”.

In 1967 he released his first record that included tangos and ballads and was accompanied by the bandleader and arranger Martín Darré.

His first appearance in the capital city was at the Teatro El Nacional that same year. The two following years he appeared in the tango shows on the television channels 9 and 13. After that he toured all the Latin American countries except Brazil. He was based in Mexico for a year and a half.

He committed to record a large number of renditions with maestros Carlos García and Martín Darré for the Odeon and Microfón labels.

His signature songs were, according to him, his renderings of “Uno” and “La calesita”. His beautiful baritone voice, with good intonation and with nuances, is showcased with exemplary quality in his stupendous labor on the tango composed by his father with lyrics by León Benarós: “Oro y gris”.

In 1983 a relentless illness sent him to bed nearly for a year up to his death. Cancer destroyed his singing career, his dreams of being a composer, his wish to broadcast tango among the younger generations and, specifically, a tour of Japan with his family. So this boy loved by all the show business environment passed away and left us. And we thought it was important and fair to bring back his memory for the Todo Tango pages.