Francisco Llanos

Real name: Llanos, Francisco
(25 May 1952 - )
Place of birth:
Río Cuarto (Córdoba) Argentina
Horacio Ferrer

e was born in Río Cuarto, province of Córdoba. He studied piano playing since he was nine years old and graduated as teacher of theory, sight reading and piano playing in 1968.

Always in his hometown he was music teacher at the Conservatorio Iberoamericano, and studied —at the same time— and graduated as aircraft pilot and also worked at independent theaters.

He began to sing in 1970 at radio programs on LV16 Radio Río Cuarto and at other venues, accompanying himself on piano. Later as vocalist he joined the Orquesta Espectáculo Los Cuervos under the name Gustavo Germán.

In 1974, when he appeared on several TV programs on Channel 12 in Córdoba he was heard by people of the Odeon company of Buenos Aires which, by recommendation of his friend the radio emcee Alfredo Dilena, offered him an audition. The latter was in November 1974; in April 1975 his first record with two numbers backed up by the orchestra conducted and arranged by Raúl Garello was released.

He was then hired for several appearances: the TV programs Luminarias (Channel 9), De tango en tango (Channel 7), Buenas noches, Buenos Aires (Channel 11) and Grandes valores del tango (Channel 9).

When he was appearing as vocalist in Cabaret at the Plaza San Martín he was heard by two French impresarios who took him to Paris. He traveled on May 7, 1976, and made his debut at the Adisson Square Garden in Montparnasse four days later with a sextet led by the French bandoneonist Aimé Ottino. After a four month-tenure when summmer arrived he switched to Marseilles and Geneva.

He returned to Buenos Aires in the late 1976 and recorded his first LP for Odeon, this time accompanied by Pascual Mamone.

Besides his performances as vocalist he had appeared in different roles as actor in soap operas on television in Buenos Aires.

He was starred on television in: Ilusiones (2000-2001), Verano del 98 (1998-1999), Ricos y famosos (1997-1998), Chiquititas (1996-1997), Con alma de tango (1994-1995), El precio del poder (1993-1994), Teatro de Darío Vittori (1988-1989), and others.

At the theater: El debut de la piba (2004), Evita (Más que una mujer) (2003), Los protagonistas (2001), Ópera Argentina Evita (1998), Los muchachos de antes no usaban gomina (1993), Los de la mesa diez (1989), and others.

At the movies: Delito de corrupción (1991), Sucedió en el internado (1985).

As singer he made tours and appeared in Brazil, Chile, Japan, France and a large number of theaters in the city of Buenos Aires.

His latest recording is entitled La fama es puro cuento, shared with the actor and the humorist Calígula and Gaby -La voz sensual del tango—. In 2008, he made a tour throughout the interior of the country and in summer he was appear in the seaside city of Pinamar.