By Juan Manuel Peña
On January 2, 1932 a great tango ball was held in the facilities of the Sociedad Rural Argentina located in front of Plaza Italia in the neighborhood of Palermo which was attended by around forty thou
By Horacio Loriente
A boy with many illusions made his debut at some balls held at the Club Defensor Sporting by 1954 as singer of the orchestra led by Omar Porcíncula, an excellent pianist who as well had a military car...
By Néstor Pinsón
He grew up listening the folk music of his town. He was still a kid when he confessed that his greatest pleasure would be the possibility of watching a whole orchestra playing with the sound of all th...
April, 16
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By Javier Barreiro
It was 1903 when Miss Blanca del Carmen, that frequented several music genres, for the Gramófono label and under the series number 63221 made the first recording of a tango in Spain, “La bicicleta”, w
By Roberto Selles
On June 22, 1918 an unprecedented event took place, snow covered the town and its surroundings. That day the pianist Agustín Bardi, "El Chino", and his friends Francisco Castello and Pedro Fiorito
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