By Nestor Pinsón
On Cádiz Street, a few yards from Francisco Beiró Avenue, close to a little neighborhood house, a door and, behind it, a narrow staircase that turns to the left. I only hear the voice of a w
By Jorge Palacio/Néstor Pinsón
After having played in several aggregations the bandoneon player Daniel Álvarez (aka Sardina) suggested Alfredo De Angelis putting together an orchestra that they both would lead. So in February
By José Gobello/Néstor Pinsón
When tango began to be danced, it not only took place in the outskirts of town, at dirty venues or infamous whorehouses. At the same time the boys with distinguished family names, the ones with rebell...
April, 23
In 1992 we said goodbye: Luis Correa
In 1960 we said goodbye: Rafael Tuegols
Happy birthday! Lina Avellaneda
In 1947 we said goodbye: Ernesto Zambonini
In 1923 a friend was born: Fernando Cabarcos
From our files
By Enrique Binda
An aspect that may turn out confusing for those interested in acoustic recordings made in our country is the large number of records labels in that period. It is important to point out that the materi
By José María Otero
That little word, with just three letters, is neither Spanish nor Argentine. It derives from an English word that comes from the Old French “barriere” which means bar or barrier. Then it is something
Mano de oro
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